The Institute was established on 1st August 1946 in Begusarai city of Bihar State. The college was founded by Late Ayodhya Prasad Singh, a social worker cum landlord of this region with name Ayodhya Shivkumari Ayurveda College. He donated huge land of his own part to established and serve the college. The institute was running as a private Ayurveda college till 1976. In year 1977, the government of Bihar takes over the institute and since 25th may 1977 it is running as government institute with name Government Ayodhya Shivkumari Ayurved College and Hospital, Begusarai. The institute principal’s post was served by Dr. Sukhdev Sharma, Dr. Dharma Narayan Jha, Dr. (Prof) P. V. Sharma and Dr. Ram Raksha Pathak , the great legends in the field of Ayurveda. In initial period the college had 60 students admission intake and many students graduated from this institute are serving in the local region, district, different place of state, and even at different place of the country as well as abroad. Among them Dr. Shiv Kumar Mishra was served as Health Advisor Ayurveda, Dept. of Health, Government of India. The institute is situated in heart of city, adjacent to the north boundary wall of Railway station Begusarai and ½ K.M. away and north from Begusarai Bus Station on Begusarai-Manjhaul Road after crossing railway over bridge. The institute locality under Post office Suhrida Nagar is a posse, green environmental area and in front of DM, SP, Judge etc. like Administrative officer residences. The institute has huge aerated, lighted separate building for academics and hospital with big green central lawn and Dhanwantari Mandir in center. Surrounding the college building, in campus there are huge species of medicinal herbs, shrubs and plants. Although government has proposed new multistory, modernized, well equipped building, both for academics and hospital separately and construction will start very shortly. About Begusarai – The name of the district apparently comes from “Begum” (queen) + “sarai”  (inn) as “Begum” of Bhagalpur used to come to the “Simaria Ghat” (a holy place at Ganges bank) for a month of pilgrimage which later took the present slang from Begusarai. Begusarai is the part of historic Mithila region. (Source: https://begusarai.nic.in/history) Begusarai town is the administrative headquarters of Begusarai district, which is one the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state. The district lies on the northern bank of river Ganga. Begusarai lies in North Bihar and surrounded by city Khagaria in north-east, Munger in south-east, Patna in west and Samastipur in north-west. It is about 150 K.M. away from Patna, capital of Bihar. Begusarai railway station is directly connected to Delhi, Kolkata, Amritsar, Assam, Jharkhand by direct trains. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, Phulwari-sarif, Patna, about 150 K.M. at distance and well connected by road. Begusarai climate is warm and temperate, the summers have much more rainfall in compared to winter. The average annual temperature is 25 degree Celsius. The driest month is December and January is the coldest month of the year. With an average of 32 degree Celsius, May-June is the warmest month of the year.
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